A Samaritan Among the Refugees

This Sunday Northlake kicked off the 5th summer of Sidewalk Sunday School in the Kristopher Woods apartment complex with our refugee friends and neighbors!  The ice cream was a delightful treat enjoyed by all as a welcomed relief from the heat!

This Wednesday night we begin with our first evening of songs, crafts, lessons, games, paintings, etc. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  The first TIME team for the summer has already taken off, and the more volunteers that can come out the better!

The theme for this summer is Loving Without Borders, which comes from the story of the Good Samaritan.  We want to talk with the kids about being a neighbor the sees, feel, does, and gives to others.  We want to reveal a love that knows no boundaries.  Will you come out and be a Samaritan among our refugee neighbors?  Will you come our and share the narrative of a transformative, redemptive, and healing love?

We hope to see you this Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM at Northlake to meet, pray, and depart for a night of joyful service and friendship.

Hello there!

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