The Beauty of Summer: An Invitation

One of the most beautiful sights of summer for me is not the ocean waves or the sun reflecting off a cold swimming pool on a hot day.  It is not even the sight of a baseball flying out of right field off of Brian McCann’s bat to beat the Phillies.  Each of these are special for different reasons, but they are all surpassed by one of the best things I get to see every summer: People of all ages, a wide variety of colors, a kaleidoscope of languages, and a stunning diversity of nationalities all gathering together jumping rope, painting pictures, laughing, drinking tea, sharing lives, and embracing the teaching of Jesus.

I am talking about what we call Sidewalk Sunday School.  To the kids of Kristopher Woods it is simply Wild Wednesday or, my favorite title, “the party” which came from the kids at K.Woods before they knew what name we had given it.

This post here is your invitation to be a part of this beautiful work of the Kingdom advancing in our community.  This is NOT a youth group event.  Certainly our teens play a major role in working with the young children.  HOWEVER, Sidewalk has evolved over the years into a community event.  It is for our whole church community to find ways to live life with the whole community of Kristopher Woods.  You can come and help work with children if you wish.  Or you can come just to meet and build a friendship with our refugee neighbors and friends.  If you have not been before, make it a point to be here every, most, or at least one Wednesday night at 6pm to gather with other Northlakers to head to K.Woods for a night of conversation, relationship building, and Kingdom expanding.  Check out facebook for more photos.

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