Jungle Rescue Run- A Tribute To Those Who Saved Their Neighbor

Labor Day                            Monday September 3rd             8:00 am


Northlake Fast Feet to compete in 1 mile Jungle Rescue Run

 In the rural communities of eastern Honduras, MISSION PREDISAN provides primary health care services. Dangerous wildlife is still found in the extensive tropical forests. The Fer de Lance or commonly named “Barba Amarilla” is a poisonous snake whose extremely aggressive and territorial nature bring it into contact with farmers and foot travelers who work the land and continue to extend the frontier. The 5 satellite clinics of Mission PREDISAN distributed throughout this region maintain a supply of antivenom. They serve as the only hope for victims of these unfortunate encounters. Many times the victim must be transported several kilometers descending mountains and forging streams. To prevent increased spread of the venom, responsive neighbors immobilize the victim, place him in a hammock, and carry him over narrow paths and difficult terrain. Through the care of PREDISAN nurses and the correct application of antivenom, many patients have been saved.

The 2012 Jungle Rescue Run will pay tribute to those who have stepped forward and saved their neighbor in dire need as they carried the snake bite victim in a hammock to obtain medical help. Featuring competitive teams of 6 runners who commit to share in the challenge, teams compete with a “patient” in a hammock as part of the 1 Mile Fun Run.

Commit to joining or supporting Northlake Fast Feet team and share the story of MISSION PREDISAN to raise support for this amazing ministry serving the people of Honduras for 26 years.


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