3-Day Prayer Event for Schools

Community Prayer Room:

3 Days Devoted to Prayer for Tucker Schools

Will you join the Christian community of Tucker for 3 days of prayer for our students, schools, teachers, and administrators?

Will you please sign up for 1 specific hour (or 2, or 3…) so that we can have an unbroken chain of prayer?

What is the Community Prayer Room?

Six churches, including Northlake, are partnering together to host a prayer room that will be open for 72 straight hours.  It will be held in the Ministry Center of Tucker First Baptist.  It will start at 7pm on Friday, August 5th and conclude on Monday, August 5th at 7pm.  Since the TFB Ministry Center is a gym there is space for a great variety of forms of prayer.  There will be a place for petition, for solitude, for being prayed for, for a prayer labyrinth, etc.

How do I get involved?

Since Northlake is a sponsoring church, we have specific time slots that we need to fill.  We need you to go to this website


to sign up for a time to pray.  After clicking the link, look for “Northlake Church of Christ,” click on the time you want, and sign up.  We are looking for four people per hour from two different churches (8 pray-ers total) for the whole weekend!  It is an ambitious goal that we know the Church of Tucker will rise up and embrace!  Thanks for being a part of this season of prayer for our schools!!  If you have questions, please email cpr.tucker@gmail.com

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