New: Northlake Spiritual Formation Resource

This Sunday we will be releasing a NEW, IMPROVED, and EXPANDED version of the popular “Green Sheet.”  Rather than weekly half page reading-reflection prompts, we have a weekly devotional guide that will take us through the first 8 weeks of our Mark series (with part two to be published in October)!

This guide has information to orient you to Mark’s version of the Jesus Story, a guid fore for meditative readings of the weekly texts, questions for personal reflection and family discuss, as well as prayers and exercises that go along with each week’s texts.

This is a great Spiritual Formation resource for the Northlake Church to blend our personal devotional lives with our corporate formation.  The guide exists to open our hearts as the Spirit calls us to be apprentices of Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

Get your copy on Sunday.  A PDF version will be available on the website soon after Sunday.

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